Quick Mix DJ Course

INTRO TO DJING: Get Familiar

This is a single class for the beginner who has never touched a turntable, CDJ or DJ Controller. It is a one day basic intro course into the world of DJing. Over the course of 1:30 hours, students will learn to understand the hardware used by DJs and get a feel for how it functions. Students will take a crack at using a DJ Controller with Serato DJ, and will learn the concept of cueing records and loading songs. And have the chance to perform on stage. The following skills will be learned:
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  • Hardware Functions
  • EQing and volume control
  • Platter and Vinyl Control
  • The left & right deck concept
  • Cueing a record
  • Basic familiarity with Serato DJ
Sign-up today and begin your journey - the dream of music is within reach.