THE PRO DJ COURSE ONLINE: rock the stage.

This four week ONLINE course is for those looking to gain all the knowledge and skill it takes to rock the crowd. Embark on a journey through the art of DJing and learn every skill necessary to become a professional. All classes are taught on zoom with a combination of both group and private sessions. Our students who graduate from this course are offered DJ gigs at our two venues located inside Sistrunk Marketplace. Straight from graduation to rocking the dancefloor.
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  • Equipment setup + Software
  • Mixing & beatmatching
  • EQing and volume control
  • Basic Scratching
  • Library Organization + Management
  • Branding + Marketing
This course is held ONLINE 2 times a week.
Monday & Wednesday from 6:30PM-9:30PM
Upcoming Start Dates: 
July 13th 
August 10th 
  • Wordplay & Creative Mixing
  • Song Structure
  • Proper song selection & reading the dancefloor
  • How to Record Mixes.
  • DJing with USB sticks + Serato
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