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PRO MUSIC PRODUCTION (Online): from beginner to professional.

The perfect way for aspiring music producers to learn the ins and outs of music production ONLINE! Using the software program Ableton Live and ZOOM, this immersive course will prepare you to make your mark as a musician in today’s world. It will touch on nearly every core concept music producers use today to create chart topping productions. This four week course is jam packed and is three days a week. Each class is three hours long. By the end of this course students will be prepared to produce and create their own music and songs.
The following concepts will be learned:
Jelenleg nincs semmi foglalható.
  • Recording (vocals/instruments)
  • MIDI vs. Audio
  • Creating Samples 
  • VST Plugins 
  • Home Studio Setup 
  • Hardware vs. Software 
Upcoming Start Dates: 
July 6th
August 3rd 
  • Warping Audio
  • Song Structure/Arrangement 
  • Music Promotion
  • Publishing & Label Deals
  • Basic Mixing/Mastering
  • Music Theory
This course is held 3 times a week.
Monday - Tue - Wednesday from 6:30 - 9:30PM
Sign-up today and begin your journey - the dream of music is within reach.
Interested in taking this course at a different time?
Please email us:
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