THE BEGINNER DJ: get started.

This one week crash course is designed for the beginning DJ. Over the course of four days and 12 hours you will learn the basic skills and fundamentals of DJing. Using industry standard DJ Controllers, Turntables, CDJs and Mixers - students will learn basic aspects of DJing from successful teachers in the industry. You will learn all of the following: 
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  • Equipment setup + Software
  • Mixing, beatmatching and BPM
  • EQing and volume control
  • Library Management
  • Song Structure
  • Proper song selection & organzation
  • Transitioning
This course is 4 days a week for 1 week from 3:30pm- 6:30pm.
When you enroll in a Bootcamp, 50% of the purchase amount can be applied to enrollment in any of our WSA PRO courses.
Sign-up today and begin your journey - the dream of music is within reach.