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We Turn People Into Mainstage DJ's

Are You Ready to Go From The Class to The Club In 4 Weeks

As an amateur DJ...

It's difficult to learn on pro gear

You more than likely don't have $6,000 to throw down on CDJ's to learn how to play on club system.

Multi-genre mixing can be a headache

Knowing how to properly tempo change and adjust on the fly is extremely important, but it's not easy to learn.

Being in front of a crowd isn't easy

The stage can feel scary and actually quite lonely, especially if you don't have confidence in your skills

That can all change... Imagine this:

You work on industry standard gear

You're not just leveling up your skills, but you can play at any venue in any city from around the world using professional gear.

You can mix any genre you'd like

Genre and tempo changes are no big deal to you. You can mashup on the fly and mix the most wild genres that you can thnk of.

You now feed off the energy of being on stage

Mixing can make or break your track. Many producers spends hours, if not days trying to perfect their mix to every detail.

Hitting the stage is exciting and the bigger the crowd, the more fun you're having. Your confidence is unmatched to other DJs.

What's included?

  • 4 Weeks of In person Classes

You'll get to come to our state of the art Wired Sound Academy studio space to learn in person with other aspiring DJs.

  • Access to Play Live Clubs

Once graduated, we'll hook you up at some of the hottest clubs around town. That's right, you don't just get to learn from the pro's you get to play like one.

  • Use Our Academy

After you graduate, you get full use of our academy to come back and work in our professional space.

  • Marketing/Branding Consulting

We'll help you organize your branding and figure out how you can start marketing yourself today.

What does the course cover?

Get Familiar With The Gear

Week 1

Your complete introduction into the world of DJing

  • What do all the knobs and buttons do?

  • Different connection types

Intro to Mixing

  • Difference between left/right deck

  • Headphone cueing

  • Navigation of Serato

  • Songstructure & beat matching

Intro to Multi-Genre Mixing

Week 2

Start multi-genre mixing and understand song keys

  • Start implementing new genres in your mix

  • Similar BPM mixing

Key Mixing Concepts

  • Understand how to change track key

  • Learn to record your mix

  • Practice, practice and more practice!

Work With The Big Gear

Week 3

Starting playing like a pro and understand core concepts

  • Denon

  • Pioneer

  • Turntable Setup

Effects & Dancefloor Psychology

  • Work with the basics of scratching

  • Transition to different BPM's

  • Learn how to create peaks and valleys in your set

  • Understand tempo and flow of every track

Continue Practice & Cadence

Week 4

Jump into continuous practice and how to brand yourself

  • Start learning to fit tracks in at certain times of the night

  • Mix from genre to genre, BPM to BPM

Intro to Branding

  • What is in a brand?

  • Come up with your artist name!

  • Importance of visuals

  • How to network to get into clubs

Get all of this and start now at just $132/m for 12 months!

Click the button below to start

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Why listen to us?

As an aspiring DJ, you have questions. Wired Sound Academy has answers

Meet Crespo the instructor who built the course you're about to be a part of. Crespo has spun along side some of the biggest DJ's in the world, including: Diplo, Steve Aoki, AviciiSnoop Dogg and many more.

In 2017, Crespo became Jaden Smith's personal touring DJ

While Crespo continues to release music and tour, he spends a good amount of his time helping aspiring DJ's that are in your exact situation.

His goal is to help teach your the right way to DJ and help you start playing clubs right away.



You probably have some quesitons... That's why we have our most frequently asked questions below

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