DJING Fundamentals


DJING Fundamentals: Learn What it takes

AGE 10-15
This eight week course is designed specifically for Wired Kids! In this course we will be teaching all the knowledge and skill it takes to rock the dance floor. Kids will embark on a journey through the art of DJing and learn every skill necessary to become a Wired Kids Pro! We designed this course as a fun/interactive after school program to build young talent and the future generation of DJ's. It's a fun after school program to keep the young ones engaged. Skills learned include: 
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  • Equipment setup + Software
  • Mixing & beatmatching
  • EQing and volume control
  • Basic Scratching
  • Library Organization + Management
  • Wordplay & Creative Mixing
  • Song Structure
  • Proper song selection & reading the dancefloor
  • How to Record Mixes.
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