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Launch into a musical world unlike any other. One that transcends daily life and its routines and allows you to be you - a creator, a performer, an astronaut. Welcome to Wired Sound Academy. 

Wired Sound Academy was founded from our passion to create and perform music. We are an academy built on real life experience, by real musicians, and real DJs. Our goal is simple, we aim to teach our students the essential skills needed to build a successful career in todays music industry while having the most fun possible.  We have created curriculums for all levels of skill to ensure that you are constantly growing and improving along your musical journey. We encourage you to blast off with us into a world of creativity, inspiration and knowledge. We are WIRED. 



DJ Crespo and Landis have built careers around their passion for music and now, they aim to share that experience through Wired Sound Academy. When Crespo and Landis first met in 2011 at a small South Florida studio they had no idea what was ahead. Fast forward to 2019 Crespo has residencies at the worlds top venues (TAO Vegas, LIV Miami etc.) and Landis has had his music accumulate millions of streams, topped the Billboard music charts and played major festivals (EDC Vegas/Orlando). With the collaboration and insight from other top DJ's and Producers, they have created Wired Sound Academy.

Wired Sound Academy is the first DJ/Music Production Academy that will give real opportunity to its graduating students. Launching at Sistrunk Marketplace the academy will be a gateway into the music world and will offer a real venue for students to perform at as well as contests to DJ at local venues. Not only will you learn what it takes makes a great DJ/Music Producer but you will also cover topics such as branding and creating content. Whether you want to be the next big DJ or produce the next big hit, Wired Sound Academy is the place for you.

 DJ Crespo 



Market Place

Wired Sound Academy is in Ft. Lauderdale, FL inside the brand new Sistrunk Marketplace. Sistrunk Marketplace is a massive food hall, brewery and event space which boasts over 12 food vendors, a speakeasy and a local brewery. This space creates an amazing atmosphere for our students to hang, eat and learn! 
Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 2.05.35 PM.png
Sistrunk Marketplace & Brewery
115 NW 6th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311
(954) 329-2551
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