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PRODUCTION SUMMER CAMP: have fun creating your own music.

Students will have a blast learning the basic ins and outs of the software program Ableton Live! By the end of the course students will know how to create a song from scratch, remix existing music, arrange a mix in Ableton and collaborate with other musicians. This course is two weeks long and 4 days a week. Each course is 2 hours long.
Ages 13+
The following concepts will be learned:
  • MIDI vs. Audio
  • VST Plugins 
  • Beatmaking/Drum Sequencing
  • Sampling 
  • Basic Music Theory
This course is held 4 times a week.
Monday - Thursday from 11:30 am - 1:30pm
Upcoming Start Dates: 
July 13th 
July 27th
August 10th 
  • Warping Audio
  • Song Structure/Arrangement 
  • Manipulating Tempo + Pitch
  • Automation
  • Song Creation
Nothing to book at the moment
Sign-up today and begin your journey - the dream of music is within reach.
Interested in taking this course online?
Please email us:
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