From Class to Club

Learn to produce, get signed, and start playing clubs!

As a bedroom producer...

It's hard to understand arrangement

You want to write tracks like a professional right? Well it can take years for you to figure out how to properly arrange your track.

You (almost) never get valuable feedback

Feedback is the #1 thing that sets you apart from the rest. But if you're not getting the right feedback, how can you properly progress?

Getting a good mix can stress you out

Mixing can make or break your track. Many producers spend hours, if not days trying to perfect their mix to every detail.

That can all change... Imagine this:

You arrange like a real artist

With some guidance and instruction, you can start arranging your music to a quality you didn't think was possible!

You get feedback from professionals

Being taught by professionals means that they provide valuable feedback, on the spot, to improve every track!

Your mix is as good as your favorite producer

Mixing can make or break your track. Many producers spends hours, if not days trying to perfect their mix to every detail.

Instead of spending days on a mix, now you spend an hour and it sounds just as good as the biggest producers!

What's included?

  • 4 Weeks of In person Classes

You'll get to come to our state of the art Wired Sound Academy studio space to learn in person with other aspiring producers.

  • FREE Ableton Intro License

Not sure where to begin with a DAW (digital audio workstation)? We help you get started in Ableton with a free introduction license that lasts up to 90 days.

  • Use Our Academy

After you graduate, you get full use of our academy to come back and work in our professional space.

  • Record Label Connections

When you graduate, we'll help you get connected to the top labels to start signing your tracks.

What does the course cover?

Ableton Intro

Week 1

Your complete introduction into the world of music production

  • Setup Ableton on your laptop

  • Understand the Ableton interface

  • Start creating drum loops & racks

Melody & Drums

  • Learn basic music theory

  • Design more drum loops

  • Start creating your own melodies

Samples & Warping

  • Start implementing samples in tracks

  • Warp and cut samples in Ableton

Week 2

Dive into the world of sampling, warping and vocals

Vocals & Splice

  • Perfect the use of vocals in tracks

  • Learn to use Splice for new samples

  • Write your first track using midi and samples

Audio & Midi Effects

  • Master the use of audio and midi effects

Hardware & Recording

Week 3

Complete guide to recording, hardware, and VST plugins

  • Understand the basic of recording

  • Use midi controllers to start recording

3rd Party VST's

  • Discuss uses of VST's

  • Which VST's you should start using

  • Write another track using 3rd party VST's

Basics of Mixing a Song

  • What is EQ & Compression?

  • Learn how to mix your tracks

Week 4

Dive into the world of advanced audio engineering, record label deals, and self releasing

Mastering Your Track

  • What is mastering?

  • How to use mastering plugins

  • What is loudness in production?

Labels & Releasing

  • What does a record deal look like?

  • How to self-release your track

  • Promoting and marketing yourself

Why listen to us?

As an aspiring producer, you have questions. Wired Sound Academy has answers

Meet Landis, your music production teacher. He's released on Hexagon, Spinnin, and Enhanced with over 68 million combined streams.

Played direct support to Don Diablo, Kaskade, Zedd, The Chainsmokers and many more.

While he still tours and is constantly releasing new music, Landis spends a good amount of his time helping producers that are in your exact situation.

His goal is to help teach you the right way to produce music and help you get signed to your dream label.


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